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Budget-Friendly Financing Services & Programs

In San Clemente, California, Magellan Capital Partners’ financing programs and services are customized and structured to meet the needs of both customers and equipment suppliers. Our goal is to provide you with very competitive programs and outstanding service.


Easy Qualification Program

This program does not require financial disclosure or company tax returns. This application only program provides approvals from $10,000 to $150,000. Hard-assets financing is also available up to $250,000.


The Commercial Program

The commercial program encompasses all transactions over the Application Only limits and requires company tax returns or accountant prepared financial statements. This program allows for multiple transactions over a period of time.  Some of our special programs include:

• Software Only • Title Vehicles • TRAC Leases

PRO Leases & Operating Leases - Municipal & Federal

• Nonprofit Organizations • No Payment for 90 Days


Get More out of Your Industry

Let Magellan Capital Partners help you get an even larger piece of the multi-billion dollar software industry! Financing is a strong solution for software acquisitions since other options, like traditional loans, are limited. Let Magellan Capital Partners help you close more sales.

Features of Our Services

• Working Capital
• Accounts Receivable Financing
• Standard $1 Buyout Financing

• Up to 60-Month Terms Available
• Standard One-Page Credit Application
• 100% Software Financing Available on Transactions More Than $100


• Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
• Become a Complete-Solution Finance Provider
• Capture Additional Revenue
• 100% Software Financing

Prepaid Funding

Get paid faster! We allow your money to work hard for you. Our pre-funding makes sure our vendors are prepaid 25%, 50%, and even 100% of the total equipment cost before the equipment is delivered.

How It Works/Benefits

• Vendors Must Be Approved before Funding
• Receive up to 100% Pre-Funding
• Complete Vendor Profile May Be Required
• Delivery Guarantee Must Be Signed by Customer
• Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
• Contract Commences upon Initial Vendor Payment
• Accelerate Your Cash Flow by Decreasing the Length with Payments
• Equipment Cost Must Be Fixed at Time of Funding
  (Customer Responsible for Any Overage)
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